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Lift Me Up!

The class participants formed a paper relief on a 21cm x21 cm cardboard base to observe "beautiful forms" (the kaleidoscope) after a two dimensional study with the same topic. This assignment was given in the second week following the lectures of form&design, principles of design. The idea was to explore depth, and develop sensitivity for the third dimension prior to any kind of volumetric study.

By cutting and pasting on or carving out the cardboard/paper,

students brought dimension to their visual compositions using different geometrical forms and their interrelations.


Ekin Altınöz, Hilalnur Kılıçarslan, Zeynep Tuba Can, Ece Gani,Beyza Erdoğan, Damla Şibil, Emek Özge Güleşe, Aybüke Zehra Düzgün, Muhammed Ali Erdoğan

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