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Our Studio





We are hosting studio lectures given by

experts in relation to the studio content.

19 November 2020

'Order in the Ancient Greek World'

Prof.Dr.Burcu Erciyes delivers a presentation on the idea of "order" with its multiple dimensions and connotations from the urban layouts to architecture in the Ancient Greek world.

24 December 2020

Climate Responsive Urbanism

Dr. Peker, as an urbanist specializing in climate responsive urbanism, talks about the particular the ways in which the built environment is co-designed by technical rules, regulations and actors. 

19 November 2020

'Transforming the Way We Understand Cities'

Mahir Yılmaz delivered a lecture on the data visualization studies and new techniques of representing the city with a focus on the New York city.

15 December 2020

'Fluid Urbanisms of Social Movements'

Dr.Merve Bedir delivers a presentation on the idea of "disorder" with the case of Hong Kong street protests and the responses from the socio-spatial pattern of the city.

19 November 2020

'Scale and Detail in Urban Design'

Can Kubin talks about the urban design projects of his company PROMIM emphasizing the role and importance of 

scale and detail.



Selected Student Projects


'A line is a point that went for a walk.' Paul Klee

Oğuz Atay says "We had the power of dreaming, we had the power of abstraction" in his book Eylembilim. Here, we will explore the ways for abstract thinking, thinking by hand, relentlessly trying out form relations, and build our skills for the basis and basics of urban planning.